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As a result of our negotiated buying, Aongatete Coolstores can provide a range of horticultural products. Contact us for advice, quotes, or email enquiry@coolstore.co.nz to place an order.

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Avo-Ject® Syringes

Specialised avocado injecting syringes, designed for the application of HiPK for the control of phytophthora. Developed and patented by Aongatete Coolstores (NZ Patent No. 503272), these quality syringes do not degrade in the sun and have a relatively small tip to minimise tree damage.

Prices excluding GST:

  • $4.45 each for 1 to 149
  • $4.15 each for 150 to 599
  • $3.95 each for 600 or more

For instructions on how to use Avo-Ject® Syringes click here (Requires Adobe Reader)

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A systemic fungicide for the control of phytopthora and pythium root rot in avocado trees. This soluble concentrate contains 400g/litre phosphorus acid as mono- and di-potassium salts. Application should be by trunk injection in August-September and again in January-February.

Prices excluding GST:

  • $58.25 for 5 litres
  • $189.00 for 20 litres
For more information on how to use Avo-Ject® Syringes or Hi-PK®, or avocado leasing, management or packing options, contact Aongatete Avocados Ltd:

Brien James (027 457 9342) or Tony Bradley (027 2747 501).

The Material Safety Data Sheet for Hi-PK® is avaliable here

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ACL Spray Signs

An orchard gate sign which incorporates the 3 essential pieces of information required at your gate:

  • Multiple Hazard Area
  • Spraying in Operation
  • Contact and Accident Information

Each sign can be printed with telephone numbers specific to your orchard and area

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Aongatete Coolstores is also able to supply a range of other chemicals, including:

  • Pychlorex 48 EC (Chlorpyrifos)
  • Ippon 500 SC (Iprodione)
  • ACL Kiwifruit Combo
  • Benefit Kiwi
  • Megafol
  • Sea Tonic Seaweed Fertiliser
  • Nordox

Aongatete may also be able to supply a range of other chemicals. Please contact us to make an enquiry or to obtain a quote

All products can be collected from our Reception, or we can arrange courier or freight transport at extra cost

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice, however we will endeavor to update any changes as soon as possible.

New Zealand Sales will have GST added